All over America, PTA's, Boosters, Teachers and parents are getting smarter about money. They're educating themselves about financial planning because they must improve their know-how to help their school's fundraising goals each year.

It hasn't been easy, until now. is a daily deal website simular to Groupon. However, we give 25 percent of our revenue to local school fundraiser groups. Scholarpon can help reach your school's fundraising goals. Here's why! All you do is spread the word. The more users you have registered with Scholarpon to receive 50% to 80% discounts on the best stuff your city has to offer the more opportunity your school have to raise funds.


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Find and buy what you like. Purchase a daily deal that saves you money while also providing benefits to your school, church or charity. Up to 25% of the revenue will be donated to the school, church or charity of your choice. You can share the great daily deals offered to you with friends and family to increase the potential amount of money that will go to your school, church or charity fundraisers.



You recommend the daily deal you want to offer. Our specialists work with you to create a compelling branded daily deal that both benefits school fundraisers, church fundraisers, and charity fundraisers and is relevant to you and your business.

We use your insight and observation to develop a branded image and editorial profile to enhance your daily deal and establish your exclusivity in the market.

You offer a deal on your product(s) or service(s) amounting to 50-90% off the regular price. We will design an ad and schedule a day to post the deal on our site. When your scheduled deal day comes, we send out an email to our thousands of subscribers in your area and nationwide. The email will include a link for subscribers to check out the deal and share it with their friends. When customers click the "Buy" button, we process the transaction and send them a printable e-voucher to be redeemed at your establishment or on your website.

We advertise to subscribers. Your daily deal is introduced directly to our subscribers by way of email, social media, press and other means, reaching a wide variety of eager potential clients.

Our subscribers have the ability to share the offer with friends and family through social media outlets, thus making your business known to an even more expansive market.

Scholarpon's cause-marketing platform to promote awareness and benevolence around your brand is unparalleled. As a Scholarpon Merchant, you will reach many more demographics than traditional marketing campaigns. We put you in touch with a caring and astute audience that will reward you for your generosity. Your daily deal is available for viewing before and after the selling period to maximize the altruistic nature of your offering.

We urge our customers to connect with you and provide feedback through means of social media and other communication mediums.


Scholarpon has many benefits available to you. You have the ability to develop your own branded marketing channel and produce an endless amount of campaigns. The campaigns can be geared toward national or local marketing communities.

Scholarpon provides you with an all-inclusive marketing platform that with which to be successful. Best of all, there is only one contract, one provider to manage transactions, and one medium to access potential customers.

There are no upfront costs to you. We handle payment processing and we are responsible for credit card fees. We make the payments to you and take a fee based on performance for services rendered. There is no long-term commitment required.


  • How will it cost me to have featured daily deals on Scholarpon?
  • There is no upfront cost to you. We only take a fee from the sales we process.

  • How do I get paid?
  • We will send you a check at the first of every month for sales made in the prior month for your featured daily deals.

  • Who creates the copy writing?
  • Our developers write the outline of your daily deal and a persuasive description of your business, specifying what makes you stand out. We approach this in a manner that is direct and builds rapport with our customers. You are involved in the entire process, providing talking points you would like mentioned and giving us approval for any final information we will publish.

  • What about high-resolution graphics for my business?
  • We guarantee that your daily deal will be branded very strongly. Our expert design staff put countless hours of time and energy into choosing and amplifying the graphics that will represent your business.

  • Can I run more than one daily deal?
  • Yes. Once your business is branded on Scholarpon, you can proceed with additional marketing efforts continually.

  • Does Scholarpon leverage social media outlets?
  • Yes. We advertise your daily deal through our social media outlets and make it available to our school fundraise, church fundraiser, and charity fundraiser partners to share with their online networks for broader exposure.


  • We create an online profile for you.
  • Our Marketing and Branding Team works with you to create a branded image and editorial profile to highlight your school, church or charity and mission.

  • We send you a specialized invitation link
  • When your contacts connect with Scholarpon through your special link, they are automatically affiliated to you and will immediately be able to flip any offer to benefit you.

  • We send you the daily deal in advance
  • The upcoming daily deal will be made available to you ahead of time so you can decide the best time and way to invite your contacts to Scholarpon.

  • We keep track of all donations to your school, church or charity fundraiser
  • We keep you updated on all donations made and send you a check for those donations monthly.


One contract gives you access to all daily deals, the outlet to promote your school, church or charity. Invitations and widgets are available to retain affiliation.

Scholarpon is free for all schools, churches and charities. All payments are processed online, and are made to you in a timely fashion.

By collaborating with Scholarpon, you are giving consumers the opportunity to make purchases at discounted prices and give money to a worthy cause.


  • How much will it cost to be featured on Scholarpon?
  • Nothing. There is no charge to be featured on Scholarpon. It is completely free to any accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and schools.

  • What are my obligations to Scholarpon?
  • None. Users make purchases to donate on behalf of our school, church or charity but we have not signed a co-venture agreement. By signing the co-venture agreement schools, churches, and charities will be provided with marketing materials, training, and support in order to maximize the fundraising campaign. Although signing the agreement is not required, it is very beneficial to your organization. Those who do not sign will still receive a check once a month for any donations from the prior month for their school fundraiser, church fundraiser, or charity fundraiser.

  • What are your recommendations or guidelines?
  • We encourage our school, church and charity partners to mention Scholarpon on their website. We also appreciate introductions via email, Facebook or Twitter.

  • How are donations delivered?
  • We will send you a check at the first of every month for donations made in the prior month for your school, church or charity fundraiser.

  • Can I invite my supporters to join Scholarpon?
  • We provide you with widgets, invitation links, ready-made emails, and Facebook templates to help you invite your contacts to join Scholarpon while retaining their affiliation with you.